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Personalised Handmade Amigurimi Baby gift sets is hooked with LOVE. Stylish. Fashionable. Beautiful. Handmade in London

Beautiful gift sets are great gift ideas for new born, baby shower, Christmas, Easter or any other celebrations.

The sets are include Personalised dummy chain, Teether/Rattle and Matching handmade toy.

The sets are coming in 4 colours and design.

Its baby safe, made of only natural materials. Eyes are locked pin.

They can be also purchase separately from Shinyncutie on Etsy.

Wood, Crochet , Hypoallergenic Polyfil

Made from premium quality natural beech wood ( free bpa, free chemical product, kids safe)

Exceptional quality engraved raw letter ( only wood, no ink , no varnish, laser engraved !)

100% cotton crochet

Non-toxic, sweat and saliva prof.

All items will be made within 1-2 working days and posted.


•all products should NOT be used without proper adult supervision.
•Always check product for any breakage & stop using at first sign of damage.